Tokens may be distributed to users based on various events. These tokens can either originate from a minting transaction or from a transfer of assets from one wallet to another. Tokensoft can support various distributions for various events, let's take a dive through all the possibilities.


Close of token sale

A bulk distribution may occur after the close of a sale. A sale may carry thousands or tens of thousands of users for varying amounts.

Purchase or Subscription

A token minting and distribution may also occur upon a purchase or a subscription. This means that the number of tokens purchased can be immediately distributed to the user upon purchase. In order to get this started navigate to the Distributions tab. Click edit and add the address that is holding the tokens that you would like to distribute. The DISTRIBUTOR ADDRESS has been assigned to you and is not editable, this is the contract that coordinates the distributions as directed by your token bearing wallet. This will allow for tokens to be minted and sent out to the purchaser's wallet when they make the purchase. The platform will automatically ensure that the purchaser receives the right amount of tokens.

Manual Distribution

A manual distribution may also be done. The report for this must be a CSV file with two columns, Address and Quantity. Just upload the file here and continue with the process as directed. You much use a wallet which contains a quantity of the tokens you'd like to distribute prior to beginning the process.

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