Use cases

Gnosis Auction is a permissionless piece of infrastructure and some of the use cases one can initiate as an auctioneer include:
Token Sales:
Gnosis Auction builds on the proven success in token sales (IDOs) that Gnosis Protocol v1 (Mesa) had. It brings similar benefits in terms of fair price finding and frontrunning resistance. Additionally, it now enables an arbitrary number of participants in a sale, while GPv1 used to only match 30 orders per batch.
Collateral Shortfall Event:
Many lending protocols still don’t have a mechanism to auction off assets in case of a shortfall in collateral to pay lenders. Gnosis Auction can work as a platform in which other smart contracts trigger auctions to raise funds for recollateralization.
All price finding events:
Whether it is a large sale of tokens on a DAO’s treasury, zero-coupon bonds, or any other event that requires a fair price finding method.