Payment Methods
A brief overview of the default accepted payment methods
Tokensoft enables a variety of payment methods. As a primer, Tokensoft allows investors to fund blockchain projects directly and does not take control of funds at any point. Tokensoft today enables payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum-based assets, Polkadot and fiat payments by bank wire. Tokensoft never takes control of the funds, even momentarily, all payments go directly to the issuers wallets or accounts. The default payment methods are currently:
Payment attack vectors are very common, as a result we have designed out system to enable:
  • The prevention of multiple users paying into a single address associated with a single identity.
  • Users to participate in the sale fairly with out financial competition (gas wars).
  • The refund of users who have participated in the sale either in a non-compliant manner or erroneously.
  • The ability of investors to participate in various rounds with differing prices or terms.
Other payment methods are available upon request
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