Frequently asked Questions
Q: What can I do with a Tokensoft account?
A: You can verify your identity to qualify for blockchain events. To browse upcoming events, see https://app.tokensoft.io/communiyt.
Q: Who is eligible for a Tokensoft account?
A: We support individuals in over 200 jurisdictions.
Q: Is there a cap on the number of Tokensoft accounts?
A: No - there is no limit, however creating multiple accounts for the same person is strictly prohibited.
Q: What can I do if I represent an entity or my region isn’t available?
A: Let us know you are interested and check back soon: our compliance team is adding support for new investor types and regions.
Q: I participated in Tokensoft-powered events prior to November 16, 2021: do I have a Tokensoft account?
A: Yes, if you were able to associate your account with your metamask wallet prior to April 26, 2022 your KYC’d account is now part of Tokensoft v2. Login to your account by connecting your Metamask wallet at https://app.tokensoft.io/account. If for some reason your Identity is not verified yet, continue through the process to complete KYC in the new Tokensoft app. The process is identical to what you have experienced in the past.
Q: Why do you need to verify my identity?
A: We collect this information to meet compliance obligations and help determine your eligibility for specific events.
Q: Why is my identity verification under review?
A: Most checks are completed within minutes but occasionally accounts require additional review which can take 24 to 48 hours.
Q: What happens if my identity verification fails?
A: If you submitted accurate information and believe an error has been made, please reach out to [email protected]. Our compliance team will make the final determination on your eligibility for a Tokensoft account.
Q: What documents are supported for each country?